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Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 10:34:17 EST

This modest blog site went live on February 17, 2005, ten years ago - 16,026 posts ago - and now no longer counting.

It began with a whimper; it ends, musingly if not amusingly, without a bang. It just ends.

It's been fun, addictive, and demanding.

Now there's more pressing business to which to attend, the computer software has proven to be resistant to correction and even basic maintenance, robbing me of the ability to pass on videos and, indeed, even images.

It's a ten-year publication which I've described elsewhere, accurately, as:

An Inadvertent Memoir

A Semi-Bookish, Over/Under Counter Culture, Reactive-Reflective, Pretty- Much-Accidental Chronicle of Our Times

Season Subtitle with Punctuation to Taste

Maybe I'll convert some or all of it to an online book one of these days.

Maybe not.

Until then . . .


Everyman bids you adieu.


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