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Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 11:46:53 EST

To here.

My penultimate post, computeritis permitting.

During the ratification debates advocates of the Constitution publicly listed examples of activities over which the federal government would have no authority. They did so to inform and reassure Ratifiers and members of the general public about the limited scope of federal power. Among the activities listed as within the exclusive sphere of the states were marriage, divorce, and other aspects of domestic relations; manufacturing (necessarily including labor relations); other business enterprises; agriculture and other land use; land titles and conveyancing; property outside of interstate trade; commerce wholly within state lines; state and local government; the regulation of most crimes and civil suits; social services; training the militia and appointing militia officers; religion; and education."

The U.S. Constitution would not have been ratified without these assurances by the Federalists about the actual meanings of many of the constitution's clauses . . . Nine of thirteen states ratified the Constitution on condition of those Federalist assurances.

Reassurances long forgotten.

What have we done, to ourselves, to our progeny?


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