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Topic: Confession
Posted by Everyman - 10:20:35 EST

No . . .

No problemo.


For TLOML and me, it's a wedding anniversary this day - or more accurately, this night, given an evening wedding event which it celebrates - the exact number of which will not be given because it would only be a distraction from the very important point to be made in this post . . .

Just in case, you know, there is one.

"No problemo" is a slang expression used in North American English to indicate that a given situation does not pose a problem. It has roughly the same meaning as the expression "no problem," but is rarely heard as a response to "I'm sorry."

The expression is sometimes used as an instance of "pseudo-Spanish" or Mock Spanish. Its usage as a Spanish expression is incorrect; a correct translation would be no hay problema or no hay ningún problema. Many equivalents to English words can be found in Spanish by adding an o, such as "insect" (insecto), "pilot" (piloto), or "leopard" (leopardo); however, "problem" belongs to the series of words ending with an a in Spanish that have a similar English counterpart, such as "poet" (poeta), "ceramic" (cerámica) or "rat" (rata). This is because it has a Greek 'ma' ending, and as such is among the Spanish words ending in 'ma', such as tema, which is in fact masculine.

In the constructed languages of Esperanto and Ido, the word "problem" translates as "problemo." However, the etymology of the expression's use in the English language cannot be traced to either of these languages.

And so the expression, in the fullness of time, will simply disappear, as it should, without a trace.

He said . . .



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