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Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 10:35:25 EST

Is that a saddle I see before me, its pommel toward my hand?


Five bonus points if you "got" the Shakespearean reference up there, btw.

I ask because (a) I'm just about to consume my first coffee of the day - which is to say, I am semi-conscious still - after a solid 12 hours of insensate existence (deductive thinking on my part, because I remained determinedly insensate in my bed for half a day or night, and so missed whatever state I was in for that long), and (b) I do not ordinarily have equestrian gear of any sort in or near my personal space as my day more or less begins.

And so, I can claim to be almost back.
I believe, and once I have brought a cup of coffee to my lips a few times, and ingested the life-giving liquid as fast as its heat will allow . . .

Belief will turn into knowledge, and I will, indeed, be back and in bidness once more.

I trust . . .

And so too, should you.


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