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The Fiscal Cliff
Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 10:00:51 EST

Fortunately, we now have endless stories on our twenty-four hour cable news channels - I don't watch them on purpose, but they are just there, all the time, and it's hard even to switch channels without getting onto one of them - about the "fiscal cliff" coming up at the end of the year unless . . . government does something.

We are not supposed to recall that we face such a cliff because . . . government did something to create it.

fiscal cliff

The blurb I heard this morning on NECN - New England Cable News - explained what the story was all about and went something like this:

The online graphic to introduce the story looked like this:


There was no explanation offered for the hopeful, upturning green arrow said to be part of the economy's performance, but I understand that it's the way the media is always going to portray this president's accomplishments while in office, and forever after, true or not.

We face this crisis because The Republicans are demanding tax cuts, and the Democrats are refusing Republican demands that Medicare and Social Security be cut.

Simple, really.

Got it?



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