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Topic: Just Thinking
Posted by Everyman - 09:23:10 EST

Bill Whittle's piece from yesterday, speaking from the heart but also from his intellect - both of which I respect greatly - comes to the unavoidable conclusion that the politics of our culture really do not matter, or should not. We can neither change them, nor banish them from our midst, and, based upon my own reluctant personal observation, they have become unspeakably worse over the last, say, half a century or so and show no sign of a likelihood of any real self-examination and improvement within my remaining lifetime.


And so they should simply be shunned - ignored - by people of principle, made, insofar as it is possible, largely irrelevant to us, of no significance, there, but meaningless.

And so they shall be, from this time forth, in this place, in this space . . . gone.

It is, in short, my considered decision to write no more about the corruption, the incompetence, I see around me, and to the extent I can do so, to avoid contact with the world in which they live, and thrive, and do their pathetic things to despoil our culture for their own, short-lived benefit.

Be gone!

And hey, I feel better already.


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